Tandem Stopper Assembly

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Tandem Stopper Assembly

An appropriately sized Tandem Stopper Assembly is the only recommended midspan termination technique for Unitrex. When properly configured, it is rated to the full working load of the underlying Unitrex. Other conventional termination devices / techniques have been demonstrated to cause an unacceptable amount of damage to Unitrex when tested.

The Tandem Stopper Assembly will be packaged to include all necessary materials and hardware for installation, including a single shackle matched to the total assembly working load. This shackle provides the best possible attachment point to the connecting sling, allowing the load to be evenly shared between the two applied Stoppers.

Tandem Stopper Assembly Specifications and Data

Unitrex Diameter (Inches) Working Load (Lbs)
0.44 5,000
0.53 6,500
0.58 8,500
0.63 10,625
0.71 12,625
0.84 18,375
1.00 25,000
1.15 31,250