Industrial Single Braid



SP-12 is a 12-strand blended rope comprised of Honeywell Spectra® fiber and polyester. This rope is designed to take advantage of the high strength and low elongation properties of Spectra® fibers while providing a slightly lower price point than 100% Spectra® ropes.

The primary market opportunity is for long length conducer pulling machinery. This rope can also be used in any application where 100% Spectra® does not fit the need and 100% polyester is limited in selection as well. The rope is available in any of our Maxijacket HP colors which will be supplied as a standard coating. This product is identified by the addition of blue polyester fiber in the strand bundle of yarn.

SP-12 Specifications and Data

Diameter (Inches) Average Spliced Break Strength *(Lbs) Minimum Spliced Break Strength *(Lbs) Maximum Working Load 5:1 **(Lbs) Weight (Lbs/100f)
3/8 10,500 9,450 2,100 3.7
1/2 15,700 14,130 3,140 7.8
5/8 25,125 22,613 5,025 10.7
3/4 48,100 43,290 9,620 16.2
7/8 72,200 64,980 14,440 22.8

* Knots and abrupt bends significantly reduce the strength of all ropes and lower the maximum working load.
** Working load is based on static or moderately dynamic lifting/pulling operations. Instantaneous changes in load, up or down, in excess of 10% of the rope’s rated working load constitute hazardous shock load and would void the normal working-load recommendation. Consult Yale Cordage for guidelines for working loads and the safe use of rope.


Green working 292 ft. lbs./lb.
Red ultimate 5,851 ft. lbs./lb.

Specific Gravity: 1.12

Dielectric Strength: The maximum allowable leakage for clean, dry SP-12 is 100 micro-amperes when tested at 100kV per Yale Method 712-1701 Rev 1 “Routine Production Test.”Absorbed and entrained moisture or impurities will increase rope’s conductivity dramatically.

Maximum Working Load
Minimum Break Strength
Average Break Strength