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Many challenges for Yale’s rope makers have originated in the oceanographic rope community. Examples include our ultra measured length program complete with pre-stretch to eliminate permanent elongation, applying Fuzz Fairing to increase the quality of data that hydrophones can collect, introduction of fish bite resistant oceanographic rope, to YaleGrips which apply high tech fiber to traditional marine stoppers.

Yale’s full rigging facility and government certified lab staffed with the best rope engineers in the world, are available to help you make rope work in your applications.



YaleGrips are used for deployment and retrieval of a variety of cables, as marine stoppers on hawsers and for temporary or permanent strain relief.

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Fuzz Fairing

Yale has found a way to simulate old rope performance with its patented fuzz fairing process.

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Shark Byte

The Shark Byte products are the first synthetic ropes ever designed from the ground up to resist shark bite damage.

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