Oceanographic Rope Tools

Yale’s full rigging facility and government certified lab staffed with the best rope engineers in the world, are available to help you make rope work in your applications.



Used for deployment and retrieval of a variety of cables, as marine stoppers on hawsers and for temporary or permanent strain relief.

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Rope ID Rope Name MET
71 YaleGrip
84 ZipGrip

YaleGrips are made from a Technora® Aramid fiber at braid and are assembled in a 4-leg configuration extending from a reinforcing, securing eye. The eye is covered entirely with an extra layer of braid, which is saturated with Maxijacket urethane, an abrasion-resistant coating for extended life.

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US Patent No. 9,616,579 - Canada Patent No. 2,965,100 CN

ZipGrip is a patented system to allow the installation of a pulling or holdback eye on various cylindrical or nearly cylindrical substrates.

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