Friction Hitch Cords

Friction Hitch Cords


Friction Hitch Cords Data

5/16” Bee Line – High Heat resistance – due to its Vectran core and a 75% / 25 % Technora / Poyester cover braid, Bee Line has one of the highest heat resistant covers available. Our prefabricated assemblies have a small 1 inch eye with clear maxijacket coating for enhanced wear resistance and added rigidity for installing carabiners through the eyes. Works well with the 11mm and 11.7mm climbers’ lines.

3/8” Bee Line  – The 3/8” Beeline still offers the heat resistance needed for friction hitches yet in a larger diameter. The 3/8” Bee Line works well with both 11.7mm and ½” in a variety of knot configurations. 

Yalex – Easily Spliced, great for Hip Prussics – 100% high tenacity Polyester single braid is great for friction hitches where high heat is not an issue. Great for Hip prussics on lanyards. Available in a variety of colors for ease of identification. Also commonly used for Spider Leg assemblies.

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