Military Rope

Military Rope

Government Rope & Custom Mil Spec Rope

Yale produces and fabricates some common Mil-Spec ropes, Mil-R-24050E, Mil-R-24536, Mil-R-24537 although in many instances our standard industrial offerings achieve a higher level of performance.

The most fun, however, has come from the evolution of new military specifications. Our Fuzz Faired lines have made submarines hear better, our coated double braids make mooring lines last longer, and our insertion extraction lines have helped troops get in and out of theaters all over the world.

Yale’s desire to make a finished rope tool works hand in hand with the military’s need for rope tools.

Talk to us about your needs and see if they match our capabilities.

Navy 4-Leg Flyer sling sheet

11M 4-Leg Slings

Fuzz Fairing Sheet