Hy-Dee Brait

Hy-Dee Brait

Hy-Dee Brait is an 8-strand bi-polymer rope with extraordinary dielectric properties. The rope is nubby, which provides excellent grip, and treated with a proprietary chemical mixture Yale calls Aralube-dielectric.

This treatment is the key to Hy-Dee Brait's wet dielectric performance and allows us to make the highest dielectric strength rope commercially available. Easy to splice with a tucking procedure below or by the quick splice method (video).

Hy-Dee Brait complies to ASTM F1701-12 that calls for a maximum leakage of 250 micro-amperes at any time during the wet test. Electrodes are 1 foot apart, shielded and the test is conducted at 50KV-AC.

This product is 100% lot tested for dielectric conformance.


Splice Instructions:

Cut the end of the rope at an angle, and brummell it through the standing part of the rope five times. The insertion point each time moves down the rope two pics before the end is reinserted and passed through the rope. The splice is finished by cutting off the extra rope and taping it to the standing portion of the rope.

This quick splice develops 90% of the ropes strength and is acceptable for most applications.

Click here for a video of the quick splice




 Average SplicedMinimum SplicedMaximum** Weight
DiameterBreak Strength*Break Strength*Work Load 8:1 Lbs/ Kg/
Inches(mm)LbsKgLbsKgLbsKg 100ft 100m
3/8(10)3,2001,4502,8801,305400180 3.3 4.9
1/2(13)5,6002,5405,0402,286700315 5.6 8.3
9/16(14)6,3002,8605,6702,574788355 6.4 9.5
5/8(16)7,8003,5407,0203,186975440 8.0 11.9
3/4(19)10,5004,7659,4504,2891,313595 11.2 16.7

* Knots and abrupt bends significantly reduce the strength of all ropes and lowers the maximum working load.

** Working load is based on static or moderately dynamic lifting/pulling operations. Instant changes in load up or down in excess of 10% of the rope’s rated working load constitutes hazardous shock load and would void normal working load recommendation.  Consult Yale Cordage for guidelines for working loads and safe use of rope.

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