Are you taking your Dielectric Advantage?

When working hand & blocklines in proximity to energized lines why would you use anything but the least conductive rope you can find?

While we are asking questions, why would you throw it in the back of a line truck to be contaminated – but we will leave that question for another day.

Yale’s claim for its HyDee product is that it has the highest Dielectric strength of any rope available, dry or wet.   Since we put price aside when we designed it, HyDee is also full size so it won’t slip through your hands, and it’s compounded with ultra violet stabilizers so it won’t break down in the sunlight, and strong enough to consider using in a pole top rescue. 

HyDee’s 8-strand construction is easily spliced without special tools and it’s torque free so it won’t foul your block sets or fight you when it’s time to be put away. Take the dielectric advantage and specify Yale’s HyDee.


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