Double Braided Rope

From the low stretch and impressively high strength of our Double Esterlon braided rope to the maximum strength-to-weight ratio of our Aracom Miniline, Yale Cordage has the industrial double-braided rope to suit your needs. Braided rope by Yale Cordage is known for its top-quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and steadfast dependability. When you choose one of our ten specialized double-braided rope designs, you choose state-of-the-art fibers, expertly engineered strength and elasticity specifications, and superior wear life. For over 60 years, Yale Cordage has been at the forefront of custom cordage innovation. Pioneers in synthetic fiber development, the experts at Yale Cordage have been setting industry standards since 1950. To this day, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing the best braided ropes possible. Call us today at 207-282-3396 to discuss custom rope options or to locate a distributor near you.

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  1. Double Esterlon Double Esterlon

    Double Esterlon™ is a double braided rope constructed of high tenacity 1W81 polyester fiber, which has a unique cordage finish. This yarn with an average strength of 9.2 grams per denier, along with Yale's careful attention to converting machinery setup, and the yarns extraordinary lubricity, yields the highest strength double braid polyester available. Double Esterlon has low stretch, high strength, excellent wear life, dielectric strength and is completely spliceable delivering the cataloged strengths when spliced properly.

  2. Polydyne Polydyne

    Polydyne™ is a double braided rope which utilizes a polyester sleeve over a nylon core. Despite the dissimilar stretch characteristics of these fibers, Yale engineers have produced constructions where both fibers contribute. The resulting rope has high breaking strength and more stretch in its working load range, which in many applications is a plus. Polydyne is up to taking more dynamic abuse without being degraded prematurely.

  3. Crystalyne Crystalyne

    Crystalyne™ is a double braided rope constructed with an inner load bearing core of Vectran™ Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP). Crystalyne has a tough polyester outer sleeve, protecting the inner strength member. LCP is more tolerant of bending than other high modulus fibers. It is not as affected by overloading, and exhibits more tension tension cycles to higher percentages of break than all our other high modulus offerings. 

  1. Maxibraid Plus Maxibraid Plus

    Maxibraid Plus is a double braided rope constructed of an inner load bearing core of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (often abbreviated as UHMPE). The polyester outer sleeve is slightly thicker than Ultrex Plus, which would provide more abrasion resistance in high wear applications. 

  2. Ultrex Plus Ultrex Plus

    Ultrex Plus™ is a double braid of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, treated with Maxijacket coating for enhanced toughness. Sleeved with high tenacity polyester, Ultrex Plus is spliceable utilizing conventional high modulus splice techniques, or the new Yale tuck splice, which shortens the bury portion and minimizes the length of the larger diameter associated with a bury type splice. All strengths shown are for spliced line.

  3. PoBOn PoBOn

    Yale PoBOn™ is a double-braided rope consisting of a polyester sleeve covering an inner load bearing core of 100% Zylon&Reg; PBO. Zylon PBO (p-phe.nylene-2, 6-benzobisoxazole), manufactured by Toyobo of Japan*, is a rigid isotropic crystal polymer. It has outstanding tensile strength, high modulus, flame resistance, and thermal stability. PBO has a slight moisture gain in the range of 0.6% and is dimensionally stable against humidity.

  1. Aracom T Aracom T

    Aracom T is a double braid consisting of a Technora Aramid core with a sleeve of high tenacity polyester. Yale's exclusive Aralube process infuses the Technora with molten lubricant prior to entering our twisting equipment. Lab and field experience has shown that this added, internal permanent lubrication (non-soluble) treatment leads to an extended wear life (as much as four times). 

  2. Aracom Miniline Aracom Miniline

    This product combines a low helix angle core of Technora Aramid with a very tightly woven over braid of thin polyester. Aracom Miniline provides the maximum strength–to-weight ratio in a composite Aramid polyester construction. Miniline can also be ordered with our fuzz fairing. This fairing is highly effective at eliminating strum and reducing drag, whether hydrodynamic or aero-dynamic. Yale's faired ropes can be wound on a reel without damaging the fairing or rope.

  3. Yalon Yalon

    Yalon is a double-braided rope constructed of a nylon core and sleeve. Yalon offers high energy-absorption, high strength, and controlled stretch. Yalon exceeds the strength requirements of MIL-R-24050E. Yalon is easily spliced and can be purchased with our optional Maxijacket Coating for enhanced abrasion protection or to color code lines for a given application.

  1. Portland Braid Portland Braid

    Portland Braid™ double braided polyester offers high value at a very competitive price. Built in the same manner as our Double Esterlon, Portland Braid offers consistent performance at an economical price. The fiber used to produce Portland Braid is sourced from Yale's qualified suppliers. As with all of Yale's products, Portland Braid can be special ordered in ultra-long continuous lengths.