Parallel Core Cordage

Uniline & Unitrex XS

Uniline / Unitrex XS 4:1 Design Factor Bulletin

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  1. Uniline Uniline

    Uniline™ T&D is a parallel core cable of PET (polyester) filament. The Uniline Dielectric core is bonded together with a rubber based adhesive, double wrapped with a rubber tape, over-braided with a tough polyester sleeve and entirely saturated with another rubber solution. The cable is then cured in an oven, causing the rubber to advance to a solid layer with very tough mechanical properties. The red rubber layer not only acts as a moisture barrier, but is a wear indicator as well

  2. Unitrex Unitrex

    Imprinting Available Unitrex XS™ Max Wear is Uniline's high tech cousin, which is a parallel cored rope of Honeywell's Spectra, wrapped with a Neoprene tape and over braided with a tough jacket of high tenacity polyester. The result is a synthetic cable, somewhat stiffer than your usual rope, which is much like wire in its stretch characteristics. Unlike wire it is much lighter and easily handled. Due to its toughness we are comfortable assigning it a higher working load rating which is 25% of its breaking strength. 

  3. Unitrex XS-8 Unitrex XS-8

    Imprinting Available This cable consists of eight (8) UniTrex™ XS ropes plied together to form an 8-strand plaited cable. Very strong, very light and very abrasion resistant, UniTrex XS-8 is unique. The base cable UniTrex XS is made of parallel strands of UHMPE fiber, bonded together with a rubber-ized adhesive, wound with rubber tape and over braided with a polyester jacket, which is saturated with urethane. The subsequent oven curing fuses the tape making a very tough cable, or in this case, strands, to make an even larger strength member.