Rope Slings & Fabrications

Rope Slings & Fabrications

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  1. Optimus Optimus - Double Adjustable Transformer Sling

     Yale's Optimus® is the optimal solution for your lifting needs.

  2. Tandem Stopper Assembly Tandem Stopper Assembly

    An appropriately sized Tandem Stopper Assembly is the only recommended mid-span termination technique for Unitrex. When configured as described on our instruction document, the Tandem Stopper Assembly is rated to the full working load of the underlying Unitrex strength member.

  3. Spectra Synthetic Shackle Spectra Synthetic Shackle

    The Spectra Synthetic Shackle is made from our Ultrex™ 12-strand UHMWPE fiber and is HP coated for structural firmness and increased abrasion resistance. It is lightweight and offers a quick connection with no tools required.

  1. ZipGrip ZipGrip

    The Yale Cordage ZipGrip is a patented system to allow installation of a pulling or holdback eye on various cylindrical or nearly cylindrical substrates. These units were primarily developed for use in the offshore pipe lay and umbilical installation and maintenance arena.

  2. Fortis2 Sling Fortis2 Sling

    Fortis2 Sling Heavy-Lift Sling multipart slings have the durability and stiffness of a wire rope sling at a fraction of the weight.

  3. YaleGrip YaleGrip

    YaleGrips™ are made from a Technora® flat braid—an Aramid fiber— assembled in a four-leg configuration extending from a reinforcing, securing eye. The eye is covered entirely with an extra layer of braid, which is saturated with Maxijacket™ urethane, abrasion-resistant coating for extended life.

  1. Yale LOUPS Yale LOUPS

    Yale LOUPS are capable of heavy lifts because they have very high fiber efficiency and are, for their size and capacity, lightweight. LOUPS are the most efficient synthetic slings available, and far lighter than steel or conventional round slings. LOUPS bend gracefully. If you look inside a LOUP you will find just one continuous looped piece of rope which has been end for end spliced to itself.

  2. Adjustable Slings - Single Leg Adjustable Slings - Single Leg

    Easily replaces a variety of different slings, accommodating different sized loads. Infinitely adjustable.

  3. Adjustable Slings - Four Leg Adjustable Slings - Four Leg

    Each leg adjusts to accommodate any sized load or lift-point arrangement. Lifts using less than 4 legs reduces the ratings proportionately. Note: All 4-leg adjustable slings have a vertical rating based on 4-legs at 5:1.

  1. Eye/Eye Slings Eye/Eye Slings

     Standard eye and eye sling for general-purpose work. Lightweight, very flexible, nonmaring, and very strong.

  2. Endless Slings Endless Slings

     A complete loop increases the lift capacity of a sling without going to a larger diameter line. This sling makes an excellent choker with a wider "footprint" on the load for more positive control.