Maxi-Flip Wire Core

Maxi-Flip Wire Core


Maxi-Flip Wire Core Data

  • - Free Flex Flemish Eye Splice
  • - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Thimble
  • - Maxijacket Coating for enhanced wear resistance
  • - Utilizes the best hardware available
  • - CE Approved EN358


Maxi-Flip – 12 Strand cover braid provides good hand – Maxi-Flips Free Flex end terminations minimize the in-use wire rope axial fatigue. This provides the climber with the safest possible end termination. Maxi-Flip – flip lines are available in many lengths and 3 diameters ½”, 5/8”, and ¾”.

Maxijacket Coating Color: Orange 

Maxi-Flip Sport – offers lighter hardware - works great with microjusters – The NEW Maxi-Flip Sport offers a 16 strand cover which works great with mechanical hardware and is 25% lighter than the Standard Maxi-Flip. Sticking to our guns, the Flemish eye splice is the safest end splice for wire core. The Sport is available with 4 choices of hardware including a swiveling carabineer or aluminum snap.

Maxijacket Coating Color: Red 

ProductDiameterAvg. Break Strength
Maxi-Flip Sport1/2125,6002,950


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