Cat's Eye Ultrex

Cat's Eye Ultrex

Cat's Eye™ Ultrex™ is a specially designed product for underground mining. This rope keeps the high strength of Ultrex™ and adds a reflective component to allow it to be seen in the conditions unique to underground mining. The 100% ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMPE) fiber has been demonstrated to have better abrasion resistance, and Yale's special construction techniques maximize those characteristics.

 Ultrex is a 12-strand single braid of UHMPE fiber enhanced with Yale's Maxijacket HP coating, supplying superior abrasion resistance. Ultrex's braid angles and twist level are designed to optimize break strength and keep stretch low. UHMPE is the most forgiving high modulus fiber giving better bend over sheave-cycling capabilities than other high-tech fibers. As is the case for all Yale ropes the strengths shown in the charts are for spliced ropes, and the splice technique for Ultrex is very easily mastered.

DiameterAverage SplicedMinimum splicedMaximum Weight
 InchesmmBreak Strength*Break StrengthWork Load 5:1 Lbs/ Kg/
  LbsKgLbsKgLbsKg 100ft 100m
1/21337,40016,97533,66015,2787,4803,395 6.2 9.2
9/161445,00020,43040,50018,3879,0004,086 7.5 11.2
5/81653,00024,06047,70021,65410,6004,812 9.0 13.4
3/41975,00034,05067,50030,64515,0006,810 12.2 18.2
7/82298,00044,49088,20040,04119,6008,898 17.6 26.2
125120,00054,480108,00049,03224,00010,896 21.2 31.6
1 1/829148,00067,190133,20060,47129,60013,438 28.7 42.7
1 1/432172,00078,085154,80070,27734,40015,617 36.1 53.8
1 5/1633184,00083,535165,60075,18236,80016,707 41.8 62.2
1 1/238230,000104,420207,00093,97846,00020,884 57.0 84.9
1 5/841285,000129,390256,500116,45157,00025,878 65.0 96.8
1 1/432330,000149,820297,000134,83866,00029,964 78.0 116.2
251390,000177,060351,000159,35478,00035,412 92.0 137.0

* Knots and abrupt bends significantly reduce the strength of all ropes and lower the maximum working load.
** Working load is based on static or moderately dynamic lifting/pulling operations. Instantaneous changes in load, up or down, in excess of 10% of the rope's rated working load constitutes hazardous shock load and would void the normal working load recommendation. Consult Yale Cordage for guidelines for working loads and safe use of rope.


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