Single Braid Oceanographic Cordage

The single braids that Yale Cordage offers are so much more than simple three strand rope. The innovative synthetic fibers are stronger, lighter and smoother than ever before, resulting in top quality single braids that are ideal for oceanographic applications.

Our Maxibraid single braid style rope is comprised of unbelievably strong yet light UHMPE fibers that float. A Maxijacket coating increases wear life by keeping contaminants out even in harsh conditions. The Ultrex style single braid is similar, with zero water absorption and braid angles designed for the best break strength. Choose Vectrus, made from a liquid crystal polymer called Vectran for high load weight and superior UV and snag resistance.

Whether you see the single braids your application requires below, or you need a custom cordage solution, the Yale Cordage rope experts are happy to discuss the best rope option for your business at 207-282-3396.

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  1. Maxibraid Rope Maxibraid

    Maxibraid™ is a single-braid rope constructed of UHMPE fiber. This fiber has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any synthetic or natural fiber, and it floats. The integral Maxijacket coating firms the construction, increases wear life, and helps keep contaminants out of rope. Maxibraid also has extremely low stretch, and it is laid firmer than Ultrex, sacrificing tensile strength for longevity in tough field conditions.

  2. Vectrus Rope Vectrus

    Vectrus™ is a single-braided rope of 100% Vectran (LCP, Liquid Crystal Polymer) with a Maxijacket coating to enhance abrasion resistance. LCP is more tolerant of tighter bending radii in terminations than other high-modulus fibers. Vectran LCP thrives at high loads and carries a four-to-one load rating. Vectrus is normally coated with clear Maxijacket urethane, enhancing its ultraviolet resistance, abrasion life, and snag resistance.

  3. Yalex Rope Yalex

    Yalex is a single-braid, 12-strand rope constructed of Performance Fiber’s type 1W81 high-tenacity polyester. (This is the same polyester we use in our flagship Double Esterlon product.) Yalex always is finished with a Maxijacket coating to optimize the abrasion life of the rope. The strongest of all Yale’s polyester ropes, Yalex also is extremely easy to splice.

  1. Ultrex Rope Ultrex

    Ultrex™ is a single-braid rope of 100% UHMPE fiber with our Maxijacket coating for superior abrasion resistance. Ultrex’s braid angles and twist level are designed to optimize break strength. With better bend-over-sheave resistance than other high-modulus fiber ropes, Ultrex has zero water absorption and maintains its flexibility even in freezing conditions.