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Performance is as important at anchor as it is at sea. That's why Yale Cordage offers a complete spectrum of hand-spliced anchoring rope, mooring rope, and specialty rope, employing a combination of cutting-edge fibers and innovative technologies designed to endure everything from searing sun to heavy weather.

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  1. Polydyne Polydyne
    Polydyne has a traditional double-braid construction utilizing the features of polyester and nylon fibers to maximize its strength and energy absorption capabilities. The braided nylon core load shares with the braided abrasion resistant polyester cover. Excellent candidate for applications where controlled elongation is required and peak cycle loads are incurred.
  2. Yalon Yalon
    Yalon is an all high, tenacity, nylon fiber, double-braided rope construction. It yields excellent strength and provides high energy absorption to mitigate high dynamic loads. Yalon is an excellent candidate for dock, anchor and towing lines.
  3. Maxi-Moor II Maxi-Moor II


    Protect your boat with the highest performance mooring technology available.

    Maxi-Moor II double-braided rope is improved from our original polyster/nylon construction with twice the high-tenacity PET fiber, so it maintains integrity for up to eight times more loading cycles.

    Yellow Maxijacket™ urethane coating is highly visible and keeps grit out for extra wear protection.


  1. Nylon Brait Nylon Brait
    Nylon Brait is an 8-strand nylon rope created through braid technology that yields a product with a firm strand formation yet full stowage flexibility. The unique construction offers maximum strength and energy absorption, and working windlass grip-hold.
  2. Lugger Line Lugger Line

    Lugger Line™ is a 12-strand single braid of copolymer olefins. Polypropylene and high- density polyethylene are co-extruded to form the fiber. Upon cooling, the molten poly-ethylene and polypropylene material coalesce into a unique fiber with tenacity comparable to polyester but without the friction associated with polypropylene filament. The rope is lightweight, floats, and remains flexible even in freezing conditions, and it won't kink or hockle...