Sailboat Racing Rope

When most people look at a racing sailboat, they see speed, grace and teamwork. At Yale, we see a living laboratory, where rope is exposed to dynamics rarely — if ever — experienced in other applications. That's why we test our sailboat racing ropes both in our labs and at sea, where reliable performance can define the difference between victory — and everything else.

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  1. PoBOn PoBOn
    PoBOn is a double-braided rope consisting of a polyester sleeve covering an inner load-bearing core of 100% Zylon PBO polyester, a rigid isotropic crystal polymer. PoBOn has outstanding tensile strength, high modulus, flame resistance, and thermal stability. It has little elastic elongation and is extremely strong. PoBOn exhibits no measurable creep and has excellent high-termperature resistance.
  2. Crystalyne Crystalyne
    Crystalyne is a combination of a urethane Maxijacket coated core of Vectran and an outer sleeve of polyester. The Maxijacketed core is color matched to the solid color of the solution dyed polyester cover. Vectran is a high-modulus, liquid crystal polymer which combines high strength , low stretch, and low creep. It delivers the lightweight, all-weather performance that makes it the preferred choice of high-performance racers worldwide.When strength is critical and stretch cannot be tolerated.
  3. Ultrex Plus Ultrex Plus
    Ultrex Plus is a double braid of UHMWPE core, treated with Maxijacket coating for enhanced toughness and is color matched with the high tenacity polyester sleeve. Spliceable utilizing conventional high modulus splice technique, or the Yaletuck splice, which shortens the bury portion and minimizes the length and the larger diameter associated with the splice. All strengths shown are for spliced line.
  1. Maxibraid Plus Maxibraid Plus
    Maxibraid Plus is a core dependent double-braided rope. The core is Maxijacketed to color match the solid color of the solution dyed polyester sleeve. Maxibraid Plus is designed to deliver a strong and versatile performance. It combines extraordinary strength, low elongation, and sleeve toughness to deliver outstanding control. Where high strength, low stretch and low weight are the name of the game. Superior strength translation through turning blocks and halyard sheaves means longer life.
  2. Aracom T Aracom T
    Aracom T offers a high strength to weight ratio and outstanding durability. Yale's Thin Sleeve Technology (TST) polyester cover protects the braided core of Technora fiber. Aracom T has a high degree of flexibility with low stretch and creep, as well as easy handling.
  3. Maxibraid Maxibraid
    Maxibraid is constructed with Honeywell Spectra fiber and pairs outstanding strength and exceptionally low weight. It features a Maxijacket HP coating which provides long wear life and consistent, uncompromising performance. In addition to its strength, low stretch, and light weight. Maxibraid also floats, making it ideal for a wide variety of high-end racing applications. Common practice is to sleeve sections of the line used in jammers.
  1. Vectrus Vectrus
    Vectrus has a 12-strand Vectran construction, coupled with an integral Maxijacket HP coating, is designed to work in place of Spectra-based lines that don't meet low-creep demands. Eliminates low stretch, and has a self-supporting strand twist level that maximizes longevity. It has no moisture gain and negligible creep. Vectrus exhibits outstanding sunlight resistance and no moisture weight gain-at a fraction of the weight of wire.
  2. Ultrex Ultrex
    Ultrex has better bend over sheave resistance than other high-modulus fiber ropes. Ultrex has zero water absorption and maintains its flexibility even for frostbit sailors.