Handlines Falling Short?

Whiskers breaking off your Polypropylene Handlines, rope too small to grab, Poly-Dac ropes that do not have much “Dac” are some of the signs you are being shortchanged. Whiskers are the result of sunlight breaking down an unstablized fiber, ropes are smaller than they were so raw materials can be saved, and polyester (Dac) is more expensive than the Polypropylene so your blended handline does not last as long as it used to.

Yale’s Poly Plus 12 is a 12-strand rope with an optimized ratio of para ep poly to polyester, which has not changed over the last 25 years. It is full size, ultra violet stabilized, torque free and very strong. If your utility uses the handline in a pole top rescue or if you just plain want a better rope consider Poly Plus 12.


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