Yale Cordage’s Winner takes a “Prize with a View”

Yale Cordage Announces the Winner Of its “Prize with a View” contest

(March 8, 2010)-Yale Cordage, a custom and specialty rope manufacturer that designs application-specific ropes located in Saco Maine, is pleased to announce Tammy Spitzer as the winner of its "Prize with a View" contest. The contest was offered in celebration of Yale Cordage’s release of their newest arborist catalog, Ropes for Arborists, a catalog specializing in the arborist industry.


As the winner of Yale Cordage’s “Prize with a View” Tammy will embark with 3 of her friends on an all expense paid trip to Eugene, Oregon where they will explore the canopies of some of the biggest and most mysterious trees of the world. "This has totally made my day, and I will remember this for a life time" Tammy said on the phone as she was notified about her big win.  "This is such an awesome prize, thank you to Yale Cordage for this.  It’s awesome!!" She added, as it hit her about her upcoming journey into the Giant Pacific Northwest Trees.

In September of 2009, Yale Cordage was searching for the ultimate prize to coincide with the release of Ropes for Arborists. The decisions process led to Jason Seppa, an owner of the Pacific Tree Climbing Institute in Eugene Oregon which offers guided tree climbing expeditions in the legendary forests of the Pacific Northwest. "This is a great opportunity for these 4 people and we can’t thank Yale Cordage enough for thinking of us to partner with on this prize.  Tammy and her friends will have the most incredible time of their lives, we will make sure of it." says Seppa.

Tammy and her friends will have the opportunity to experience a full day of climbing among the great Redwood and Sequoia trees guided by The Pacific Tree Climbing Institute. The evening includes an organic dinner before retiring atop a great Redwood and spending the night high among the canopies. In the morning before descending Spitzer and friends will be greeted with a fresh organic breakfast.

Yale Cordage founded in 1950 by O. Sherman Yale who introduced new synthetic materials in concert with high quality braiding techniques to manufacture rope and related products to better meet the needs of specific applications. Yale Cordage is a custom and specialty rope manufacturer that designs application-specific ropes: winchlines, stringing lines and blocklines for utilities; fiber optic pulling lines for telephone construction; bull ropes and climbing lines for arborists; safety lanyards and lifting slings for industrial applications; ropes for marine applications – from hawsers for mooring commercial tankers to halyards for sailing dinghies. Yale also designs and manufactures custom and specialty rope for specialty applications such as oceanographic arrays and faired electromechanical cables...