Tesmec, Exclusive Distributor for Dielectric-Strength Rope

From: TesmecNews 12#2012

Every day Tesmec is trying to complete its range of machines and equipments for fiber optic line and Live Line replacement.

Finally Tesmec has successfully found in the dielectric rope manufactured by Yale Cordage, a custom and specialty rope manufacturer, the answer for its need, considering this product the best solution afterwards a careful comparative evaluation activity.

Yale Cordage announced its Hy-Dee Braid dielectric rope is the first and only rope on the market to meet the newly published ASTM 1701-12 (Unused Rope with Special Electrical Properties) standard for ropes with special dielectric properties.

In addition, this dielectric rope has also achieved certification under the European standard IEC 62192-20009 (Live working-insulating Rope).

On 18th June the exclusive distributor agreement is made and entered by and between Yale Cordage Inc. and Tesmec.

Thanks to this agreement Yale Cordage appoints Tesmec, and Tesmec accepts to be appointed, to server as its exclusive distributors of the dielectric-strength rope.

The insulating rope, thanks to its mechanical resistance and dielectric strength, is the ideal and safe tool to perform operations of lifting loads in the vicinity of live conductors of the overhead transmission power lines.

It is necessary and essential that dielectric-strength ropes should be carefully treated, used and stored in order to avoid or minimize the risk of pollution of these kind of ropes.

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