Unitrex XS Max Wear A New Line of Synthetic Cable from Yale Cordage

Unitrex XS Max Wear makes electric line stringing easier and more economical

(March 2010)- Yale Cordage, a custom and specialty rope manufacturer designing application-specific ropes, located in Saco, Maine, announces Unitrex XS Max Wear. An improvement upon Uniline, Yale Cordage’s highly resilient cable with years of proven durability, Unitrex XS Max Wear makes electric line stringing easier and more economical. Unitrex XS Max Wear is a synthetic alternative to wire hard line which is heavy, difficult to manage and requires periodic lubrication. Corrosion free and a fraction of the weight of hardline, Unitrex XS Max Wear is a far superior stringing-line alternative. With no maintenance required, Unitrex XS Max Wear is also a more economical and safer solution.

Unitrex XS Max Wear is similar to Uniline, a utility rope with a parallel core cable of polyester filament that has demonstrated years of unfailing durability. Unitrex XS Max Wear is greatly improved with a parallel core of Spectra UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), by Honeywell. Unitrex XS Max Wear with Spectra has proven to be three times stronger than Uniline while, providing extremely low stretch, and reducing the overall weight of the machine.

“We have always embraced new fiber technologies and have been the first manufacturer to incorporate them in rope and cable products where they provide the best customer value.” says, Tom Yale, President.

Unitrex XS Max Wear offers:

  • Ability to increase the length of rope on the drum and lower set up costs
  • Ability to increase tensile strength and greatly improve safety
  • Increase wear life and decrease maintenance cost
  • Improved dielectric strength of pulling rope