Splice Instructions and Labeling

Splice Instructions and labeling
S•P•L•I•C•E•R Methods
A complete set of Yale splice instructions is available in a loose-leaf binder. Customers who purchase the S•P•L•I•C•E•R are added to our special splicing mail list.

S•P•L•I•C•E•R Instruction and Training Aids
This package consists of fid, pusher, rope, and illustrated splicing instructions. These training aids are excellent for safety programs, beginner classes, or refresher courses. Splices shown are for industrial applications involving lifting/hoisting/construction ropes. Kits are available for double and single braids.


All of Yale’s rigged products come with serialized tags showing product and/or lift capacities. This durable tag provides immediate identification of the item and its source. A tag also can be valuable in determining if the right product is being used for the applications for which it was intended.

The labeling program consists of more than just a tag on a rope. A permanent log is maintained, which shows who the splicer as; the type, size, and lot number of the rope spliced; the name of the customer who purchased the unit; and the unit’s serial number.

Splicing Tools

Yale offers both tubular aluminum fids and wire fids, as well as pushers, for splicing. These are available in all sizes.

Yale Qualified Splicer Program

Yale Cordage recognizes its products are regularly fabricated by authorized stocking distributors. We want to ensure the splices performed are of the highest quality and conform to our standard methods. We offer the Yale Splicer Qualifier program as a tool to ensure that your riggers are performing their work correctly.

Yale Qualified Splicers have completed Yale’s Qualified Splicer Program Kit (part no. 860067). This kit includes instruction on proper splicing techniques and materials on which to perform a test splice. When a rigger returns a completed test splice to Yale Cordage, our engineering department breaks the splice and evaluates it. If it tests satisfactorily, the rigger will be issued a certificate stating completion of training and qualification to splice Yale Cordage products. This is all included in the price of the training kit.

It is important that you are aware that the certificate states that a rigger is trained and qualified in splicing Yale Cordage products only. For liability purposes, this certification does not cover or apply to other brands of rope. Yale splicer certificates must be renewed annually.

Anyone wishing to splice Technora or Spectra® ropes need to purchase the Advanced Kit (part no. 860067A) and complete the requirements to qualify for certification. It is recommended highly that you have previously qualified as a Yale Qualified Splicer before attempting the Advanced Splicing procedure.
Splice Instructions and Labeling Elastic Elongation

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