Split Tails

Split Tails


Split Tails Data

A Split Tail is used to form a bridge from the climber’s saddle to the running end of the rope where it is tied off with a suitable friction hitch. A 16 Strand Rope is fabricated for use as a split tail friction knot. Its firm but flexible construction creates a positive control sliding friction knot. The 3 colors allow for instant recognition by alternating colors. Each unit has a one inch soft eye one end and is whip locked and heat sealed at the end. Each unit also has Yale’s Trademark serialized CE tag installed.

ProductDiameterAvg. Break StrengthWorking LoadWeight
Split Tails Plus 1/2126,2002,8126202817.511.2
Split Tails Spearmint 1/2126,2002,8126202817.511.2
Split Tails Fire 1/2126,20028126202817.511.2

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