Vizzion Data

Applications: Halyards, sheets, guys and control lines.

Construction: Core: Braided composite core of Vectran LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) and filament olefin. Sleeve: Braided smooth filament polyester.

Vizzion™'s core will not absorb water, eliminating roughly 75% of the elastic stretch seen in other low-stretch yacht braids. It is an ideal alternative to all-polyester lines for halyards, sheets, guys, and control lines. The perfect transition line for the sailor who is looking for a more superior performance than polyester offers, but doesn't want to pay the premium for other high-modulus ropes.

Specific Gravity: 1.30

Color Code: White code Black(05), White code Blue(02), White code Red(01), White code Green(03), Black code Yellow(79), Black code Red(75), Black code Blue(77), Black code Green(78)

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