XTC - 12 Strand

XTC - 12 Strand


XTC - 12 Strand Data

  • Commercial Grade
  • Single Braid Construction Eliminates the Core
  • Nubby construction for hand climbers

XTC-12 – The first choice of 12-strand climbers – is a “nubbier” hollow braid offering lower weight and excellent abrasion resistance. Built to be round and stay round, XTC-12 is a 12-strand single braid of polyester/“Para-ep” Olefin. This all-synthetic rope resists rot and mildew, and performs equally well in both wet and dry conditions. XTC-12 is identified by one yellow tracer.

Buzzz Line – Our newest 12-strand product – is made of 100% orange solution dyed polyester. The strand is laid, much like our 16-strand products, which are to maximize abrasion resistance. The braid is tight to prevent snagging but supple enough to make handling and throwing a snap. All polyester maximizes the tensile strength, while offering an enhanced ability to absorb shock over our other 12 stranded products. Buzzz Line makes a great choice for footlockers and arborists that prefer a full sized ½” rope.

DiameterAvg. Break StrengthWorking LoadWeight
    Climbing/ Rigging LbsKg
1/2126,0002,722600 / 1200272 / 5446.710.0
5/8169,8002,445980 / 1960445 / 89010.115.0
3/41812,7505,7831275 / 2550578 / 115613.319.8
XTC - 12 Strand Elastic Elongation

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