Yalex Data

Working load is based on static or moderately dynamic lifting/pulling operations. Instantaneous changes in load, up or down, in excess of 10% of line’s rated working load constitutes hazardous shock load and would void normal working-load recommendation. Consult Yale Cordage for guidelines for working loads and safe use of rope. Yalex is made to Yale Cordage Specification YCI-YX-002.

Yalex is a 100 percent high tenacity polyester 12 strand single braid. Yalex is a great all-around rope which enjoys a multitude of Arborists uses; pruner cords, adjustable slings and spider legs to name a few.

This rope supplies the toughness of tree grade Maxijacket coatings which can supply up to 8 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated rope. The rope is a snap to splice, has a great strength to weight ratio, and low stretch.

Yalex is supplied in all but the 5/16 diameter as a two end per carrier construction, which is more expensive to produce but creates a larger hole in the middle of the rope making new and used rope splicing easier. 

Specific Gravity: 1.38

DiameterAverage SplicedMinimum SplicedMaximumWeight
  Break StrengthBreak StrengthWork Load 5:1Lbs/Kg/

Dielectric Strength
The maximum allowable leakage for new dry Yalex is 1.0 milliamperes at 60 K DC volts when tested in accordance with Yale Cordage Test Method DTP-185. Caution: Absorbed and entrained moisture or impurities will increase a rope’s conductivity dramatically.

Yalex Elastic Elongation

Elastic Elongation

The colored area under the curve represents the rope’s energy-absorption capability.

  • Green working 545 ft. lbs./lb.
  • Red ultimate 11,025 ft. lbs./lb.

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