Yale Maxijacket

Coatings and Techniques


Yale Maxijacket

This is a spliceable urethane coating that is applied after the rope is braided. Maxijacket firms the rope, increases snag resistance, improves abrasion resistance and helps keep contaminants from entering the rope.

Unlimited lengths may be processed at our facility through our automated coaters, which apply and control the polymer penetration, curing the coating at precisely controlled temperatures. Maxijacket maintains the rope’s splicing characteristics and is available in a range of colors for rapid line identification. The colors are also useful to track time in service, to color code for load rating, for phase identification or to make the rope more visible.

Maxijacket by the quart or gallon

A water-based urethane, premixed with color pigment for hand application. Available Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Gray and Clear All colors available in quart or gallon sizes.

Shipping Weights: Quart: 2.5 lbs. Gallon: 9.5 lbs.