Parallel Core

Yale produces parallel core rope for a variety of industrial and other uses.


Fortis2 Heavy-Lift Slings

Heavy-lift sling of Unitrex XS that has the durability and stiffness of a wire rope sling at a fraction of the weight.

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TechEye and TechJoin

TechEye2 and TechJoin2 are used for terminating or joining Yale's Unitrex XS parallel-core cables. TechEye3 and TechJoin3 are used for terminating or joining Yale's Uniline parallel-core cables.

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Tandem Stopper Assembly

An appropriately sized Tandem Stopper Assembly is the only recommended midspan termination technique for Unitrex.

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Approximate Average Strength



Rope ID Rope Name MET Approximate Average Strength MET Diameter MET Weight MET
42 Uniline 10|13|16|19|22|25|29|32|35|38|41|44|48|51 10.4|14.9|23.2|32.3|45.6|57.6|72.7|89.9|108.9|129.4|152.0|176.3|201.5|230.8
43 Unitrex 11|13|15|16|18|21|25|29|32|36|44|49|51|56 10.0|13.7|17.0|20.1|25.2|36.0|48.2|63.1|78.2|96.6|137.9|147.1|168.7|214.4

Uniline is a parallel-core cable of PET (polyester) filament. The Uniline core is bonded together with a rubber-based adhesive, wrapped with red rubber tape, over-braided with a tough polyester sleeve and entirely saturated with another rubber solution.

Featured Applications

Electrical Utility

Unitrex XS Max Wear, Uniline's high-tech cousin, is a parallel-core rope of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), wrapped with a neoprene tape and over-braided with a tough jacket of high-tenacity polyester. The result is a synthetic cable, somewhat stiffer than your usual rope, which is much like wire in its stretch characteristics.

Featured Applications

Electrical Utility