Hy-Dee Brait

Plaited 8-Strand


Hy-Dee Brait

Hy-Dee Brait is an 8-strand bi-polymer rope with extraordinary dielectric properties. The rope is nubby, which provides excellent grip, and treated with a proprietary chemical mixture Yale calls Aralube-dielectric.

This treatment is the key to Hy-Dee Brait's wet dielectric performance and allows us to make the highest dielectric-strength rope commercially available. It is easy to splice with a tucking procedure or by the quick splice method.

This product is 100% lot tested for dielectric conformance.

Hy-Dee Brait Specifications and Data

Diameter (Inches) Average Spliced Break Strength *(Lbs) Minimum Spliced Break Strength *(Lbs) Maximum Working Load 8:1 **(Lbs) Weight (Lbs/100f)
3/8 3,200 2,880 400 3.3
1/2 5,600 5,040 700 5.6
9/16 6,300 5,670 788 6.4
5/8 7,800 7,020 975 8.0
3/4 10,500 9,450 1,313 11.2

* Knots and abrupt bends significantly reduce the strength of all ropes and lower the maximum working load.
** Working load is based on static or moderately dynamic lifting/pulling operations. Instantaneous changes in load, up or down, in excess of 10% of the rope’s rated working load constitute hazardous shock load and would void the normal working-load recommendation. Consult Yale Cordage for guidelines for working loads and the safe use of rope.


Dielectric Strength: Hy-Dee Brait complies to ASTM specification F1701-12 that calls for a maximum leakage of 250 micro-amperes at any time during the wet test. Electrodes are 1 foot apart, shielded and the test is conducted at 50KV-AC.

Green working 116 ft. lbs./lb.
Red ultimate 12,673 ft. lbs./lb.

Specific Gravity: 0.93

Maximum Working Load
Minimum Break Strength
Average Break Strength

Hy-Dee Brait Splicing Instructions

Approved Splice Techniques: #10018006, #10017302 (Brait Eye Splice).

High Dielectric (Hy-Dee) Rope Quick Splice video (10018006)