Oceanographer’s Brait

Plaited 8-Strand


Oceanographer’s Brait

Oceanographer’s Brait is the most predictable nylon rope you can buy.

Yale begins this process by 1 utilizing nylon 6, which has a much higher energy-absorption capability than nylon 6-6. This can mean the difference between a mooring that stays on station or is lost. 2 The fiber is twisted to add firmness, 3 twisted again to add additional energy absorption, and 4 then ply twisted as we close the strand using a counter twisted veneering yarn creating a better balanced strand. All of this makes a rope that is firm enough to be used over a less-than-perfect deck. 5 Yale then plaits the eight strands loosely enough to accommodate a shrink process that further enhances the product. 6 Steam stabilizes the rope over an eight-hour period so the shrinkage and strength reduction you have had to deal with in the past is eliminated. Although this firms the rope even more, there is no subsequent shrinkage so the rope splices just as easily after use as it did the day you deployed it. 7 If you elect to have your rope stretched over our automated equipment, you can eliminate the guesswork of what the permanent non-recoverable elongation component of your rope will be after you deploy your mooring. The curves on the data tab show the difference this step can offer. This process will also increase your rope’s length 4-8% permanently.

Oceanographer’s Brait Specifications and Data

Diameter (Inches) Average Spliced Break Strength *(Lbs) Minimum Spliced Break Strength *(Lbs) Maximum Working Load 3:1 **(Lbs) Weight (Lbs/100f) Average Energy Absorption ***
11/16 15,000 13,500 4,500 10.5 24,150
3/4 17,820 16,038 5,347 13.4 30,820
7/8 24,200 21,780 7,261 18.5 42,550
1 29,700 26,730 8,911 23.7 54,510
1-1/8 37,510 33,759 11,254 28.0 64,400
1-1/4 46,420 41,778 13,927 34.0 78,200

* Knots and abrupt bends significantly reduce the strength of all ropes and lower the maximum working load.
** 33% of break strength. Your application may dictate a different maximum working load.
*** At working load for non-stretched.


Green working 2,739 ft. lbs./lb.
Red ultimate 26,074 ft. lbs./lb.

Specific Gravity: 1.14

Maximum Working Load
Minimum Break Strength
Average Break Strength

Oceanographer’s Brait Splicing Instructions

Approved Splice Technique: #10017302 (Brait Eye Splice, PDF, 0.3 MB)

Brait to Chain Splice (0.2 MB)

Brait How-to Splicing Video