Navy RIB Boat Slings



Navy RIB Boat Slings

Our Navy RIB Boat Slings were developed in conjunction with NSWC Carderock Division to handle RIB Boats. The initial goal was to eliminate wire rope from existing slings, reducing electronic interference, corrosion, wire fish hooks, and generally engineering a safer system.

The results are slings made with our Aracom T double braid rope consisting of a Technora® Aramid core and a high-tenacity polyester sleeve. It is then coated with our battleship gray Maxijacket urethane coating for added abrasion resistance. The hardware used in these assemblies are designed with ease of handling in mind and are tested and certified.

These slings are available as 11M RIB boat slings and 4-Leg RIB boat slings. Our most popular sizes and constructions include:

  • 11M Cabin Boat Sling 7/8 Aramid
  • 11M Open Boat Sling 7/8 Aramid
  • 11M NSW Boat Sling 7/8 Aramid
  • 5.4m Rib Boat Sling - 3/8” Aramid
  • 7m Rib Boat Short Sling - 5/8” Aramid
  • 7m Rib Boat Long Sling - 5/8” Aramid

Other styles of boat slings are available – please contact us for more details.