Yalex Four Leg Adjustable Sling



Yalex Four Leg Adjustable Sling

Each leg adjusts to accommodate any- sized load or lift-point arrangement. Lifts using less than four legs reduce the ratings proportionately.

Note: 4-leg adjustable slings have a vertical rating based on four legs at 5:1. All Rated Capacities (WLL's) on multiple leg slings are based on EQUAL loading of all sling legs.

Yalex Four Leg Adjustable Sling Specifications and Data

All Slings are rated 5:1

Diameter (Inches) Vertical Ratings (Lbs) Minimum Length (Inches)
3/8 4,220 24
7/16 7,674 28
1/2 9,574 32
5/8 12,820 38
3/4 16,900 46
7/8 25,000 52
1 30,280 60


Angle Effect: Sling Capacities

The capacity of a multiple-leg sling is directly affected by the angle of the sling leg with the vertical. As this angle increases, the stress on each leg increases. The capacity can be readily determined by multiplying the sling’s vertical capacity by the appropriate load-angle factor.

Sling Angle
Load Angle Factor
15° 0.966
30° 0.866
45° 0.707
60° 0.500
75° 0.259