Electrical Utility Rope Tools

Yale’s philosophy of applications engineering has led to the creation of industrial rope products using the newest and best synthetic fibers available in the world.

Fully half our ropes leave here as fabricated rope tools, and exhibit a level of craftsmanship not available elsewhere.


TechEye2 and TechJoin2

TechEye2 and TechJoin2 synthetic pulling socks amplify the efficiency of Unitrex, the industry standard for pulling hard line transmission cables.

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Rope Name

Rope ID Rope Name MET
70 ​TechEye and TechJoin

TechEye2 and TechJoin2 are used for terminating or joining Yale's Unitrex XS parallel-core cables. TechEye3 and TechJoin3 are used for terminating or joining Yale's Uniline parallel-core cables.

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Electrical Utility