Yale Cordage partners with Susan G Komen.

Yale Cordage is partnering with Susan G Komen during the month of October. We are all-in to GO PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness!

For every purchase of Pink Moon®, Calamine® and Pink Cure® Yale Cordage will donate $0.02 per linear foot of rope!

Available Pink Products

Order your Pink Products from one of the above scrolling distributors. Your order will count towards the donation.


XTC-24 CE 11.7mm x 150′ (45 meters) CE climbing lines feature modified core constructions to achieve CE EN 1891 compliance.

  • Competition grade.
  • Enhanced grip for better ergonomics.
  • A light weight, high performance option.

Pink Moon®

XTC-24 11.7mm x 150′ (45 meters) 100% polyester climbing line with perfect balance of strength & low elongation.

  • Competition grade.
  • Smoothest cover for mechanical ascension.
  • Lowest elongation results in minimal bounce.
  • The 11.7mm diameter is also favorable for recreational climbers.

Pink Cure®

XTC-16 1/2″ x 150′ (45 meters)100% polyester kernmantle with twisted polyester core. Energy absorbing twisted polyester core with excellent snag resistance.

  • Professional grade.
  • Smoother cover runs well through cammed devices.
  • Tightest cover braid in the industry.