Splicing Videos


We provide recommended splices for all splicable Yale ropes and tools. The strengths shown in our catalogs and on this site are for spliced lengths. Other terminations can be used, but their strength loss with a particular type of rope and construction should be determined and not assumed.

Splicing Videos

Yale Grip Installation Instructions

High Dielectric (Hy-Dee) Quick Splice video - 10018006

Brait How-to Splicing Video (APS - Annapolis Performance Sailing)

Adjustable Sling Fabrication

High Performance Double Braid - Core Braid Back Splice

High Performance Double Braid - Eye Splice

High Performance Single Braid - End for End Splice

High Performance Single Braid - Eye Splice

Industrial Double Braid - Eye Splice

Industrial Single Braid - Eye Splice

XTC-24 Double Braid - Tight Eye Splice