About Yale Cordage: Electrical Rope , Commercial Marine Rope, Construction Rope

  • 1950 Sherm Yale introduces synthetic fiber into commercial fishing.
  • 1953Yale establishes a factory at old Sparhawk mill and hires an employee.
  • 1970Tom Yale, Sherm's son, joins the company.
  • 1972Fiber "B", later to be named Kevlar® is introduced by Yale.
  • 1974Yale is the first company to introduce a wide range of colors.
  • 1983Australia II wins the America's Cup with all Yale rigging.
  • 1984Tom Yale serves as president of the Cordage Institute and introduces minimum industry standards.
  • 1985Yale introduces the first rope to utilize Spectra® ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.
  • 1992Yale introduces the first rope to utilize Vectran® liquid crystal polymer.
  • Yale moves to a new location in Portland, Maine and doubles its production capability.
  • 1994Yale develops a computer controlled high speed line of braiding machines.
  • 1997Yale moves to new 120,000 sqft facility in Biddeford, Maine.
  • 2001Yale and investors acquire the former Crowe Rope Company and return it to financial stability under its new name Orion Ropeworks LLC.
  • 2002Yale expands again to a state of the art manufacturing facility in Saco, Maine.
  • 2006Yale acquires the assets of the former Wall Rope and expands manufacturing in North Carolina as well as Maine.

Yale Cordage was founded in 1950 by O. Sherman Yale. He introduced new synthetic materials in concert with high quality braiding techniques to manufacture rope and related products to better meet the needs of specific applications. The individuals of Yale remain focused on that same objective today while providing engineering and application support to a variety of Industries. Many of our Products are more than twice the strength of steel cable of the same diameter, but 8 times lighter.


The Industries and applications supported are:

  • Power Utilities Industry
    • Utility truck hoist lines
    • Ropes for pulling in Power lines & Communication cables
    • Heavy lift slings
    • Multi-leg slings
    • High Dielectric ropes for live line work
  • Arborist & Timber Harvesting
    • Climbing lines
    • Wire core Fliplines
    • Lowering ropes (Bull lines)
    • Slings
    • Aerial lines for timber harvesting (Skylines)
    • Haywire line for twitching
  • Pleasure Marine
    • Running rigging for racing & cruising
    • Mooring pendants
    • Anchor rodes
    • Docking lines
    • LOUPS™
  • Government / Military
    • NOAA & National Data Buoy mooring lines
    • Electromechanical cables for Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW)
    • Faired cables for offshore seismic exploration
    • Yalegrips (synthetic Chinese fingers)
    • 4-Leg Kevlar hoist slings for all Navy & CG Tactical Boats (RIBs)
    • Helicopter Insertion/Extraction systems (Army Natick Solider Center)


Yale Cordage has never lost a customer to a competitor based on quality nor have we sought customers on the basis of price alone. We have always embraced new fiber technologies and have been the first manufacturer to incorporate them in rope and cable products when they provide the best customer value.


Yale has continuously developed unique custom and modified machinery to maintain its advantage in processing fibers to their fullest potential.


We do this every day to the very best of our abilities in Maine and North Carolina…..nowhere else.


Tom Yale


Sherman Yale at work in 1965, Yale Braided Products Company started in 1950, Yarmouth, Maine.

Tom Yale at Yale Cordage, Saco, Maine.