Heavy Lift


Superior Value Through Better Engineering for Heavy Lift Industries

Our history of expertise and innovation has led to industrial rope products that feature the newest and most advanced synthetic fibers available in the world. Our synthetic heavy lift slings were engineered for crane, rigging, and other heavy lift applications to ensure safety, magnify cost savings, and increase ROI.

Our high-performing slings are 80% lighter than wire slings, with a 66% increase in typical safety factors. To learn more about how Yale can provide the safest, most cost-effective solution for your heavy lift needs, please fill out the contact form.

Increased Safety

Safety is a #1 priority at any job site. Synthetic rope is less than 1/5 the weight of a wire rope, which has many safety implications, including:

  • Reduced risk of injury from snapping, recoiling, or a dropped load due to incorrect rigging procedures
  • Reduced risk of work fatigue or injury from carrying heavy rope across the worksite


Magnified Savings and Increased ROI

Synthetic slings cut operations costs, providing far greater value and a higher ROI than a wire sling of comparable load capacity. Synthetic rope’s cost-saving features include:

  • Enhanced strength-to-weight ratio, saving storage space and inventory costs on multiple diameters of wire
  • Reduced rigging time across a variety of systems due to its lighter weight and flexibility, increasing project efficiency
  • Reduced need for special machinery to carry the extra weight of the rope itself
  • Superior wear resistance, never rusting or corroding, but maintaining the durability and stiffness of wire

Fortis²® Slings: Custom-Designed for Heavy Lift Industries

Our Fortis²® Slings are multipart heavy lift slings made with our Unitrex XS Max Wear synthetic cable, containing a core of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber, encased with neoprene and a tough braided jacket of high-tenacity polyester.
The result is a heavy-lift sling of Unitrex XS that has the durability and stiffness of a wire rope sling at a fraction of the weight.


We are constantly improving the safety and productivity of our products, and pledge to provide exceptional customer service and products that work as hard as we do – up in space, down to the deep seafloor, and everywhere in between.

A rope industry leader in expertise and innovation – Yale Cordage is passion for the pursuit of better performance.

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