We offer a wide variety of ropes for use as arborist climber’s line.


We offer a wide variety of ropes for use as arborist rigger’s line.

Slings and Lifting

Our synthetic slings provide optimal solutions for your lifting and rigging needs. Durable, easy to use, and lightweight.

Accessories and Tools

Whether you are up in the trees or doing ground work, we offer a wide range of unique tools specifically designed to help you work safer and smarter.

For over 70 years, tree work has been an integral part of what we do and what defines us as a company. From our introduction of high-tech synthetic fibers for heat resistance, to setting up a working arborist rope-making machine at TCI, we have always embraced new arborist rope fiber technologies and have been the first manufacturer to incorporate them in arborist rope and cable products when they provide the best customer value. We take pride in our extensive offering that was specifically designed to make your job easier and safer.



1/2" Polyester/Polyolefin

Buzzzline, BlackMAX LT & Code Yellow. Affordable entry-level climbing line suitable for MRS climbing technique.

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1/2" 100% Polyester Kernmantle with twisted polyester core

Fire, Spearmint, Plus, & White. A true workhouse climbing line. This offers many of the same characteristics as XTC-12 but with a firmer construction and energy absorbing twisted polyester core, making XTC-16 one of the most durable climbing lines.

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XTC-24 Blue Moon

11.7mm High Performance Double Braids

Blue Moon, ArborMax Gator, ArborMax Flame, Prism, Focus, & Arrow Frog. Our range of 24 carrier products is ideally suited for MRS or SRS climbing with compatible hardware or hitch tending climbing systems.

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11mm, 11.7mm, and 12mm High Performance Double Braids

Sunburst, Calamine, IMORI, Blaze, Bandit, Blue Tongue, & Energize. Our 24 carrier CE climbing lines feature modified core constructions to achieve CE EN 1891 compliance. This means CE products will have slightly more elongation than the ANSI equivalent. With their higher elongation characteristics our CE products perform slightly better in MRS Climbing systems. Though they can be used in SRS climbing systems especially when canopy anchored.

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XTC-48: Kernmaster

Polyester/Nylon and heat resistant Technora Double Braid

Kernmaster, Phantom, Scandere, R.I.N.G. Rope. XTC-48 Kernmaster is a static-rappelling line constructed with a traditional "mantle" sleeve consisting of 48 strands of polyester. The inside, or "kern," is a braided core of energy-absorbing nylon. The core is fully steam-stabilized to enhance the rope's flexibility and prevent hardening in service.

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Double Esterlon

Double braid, polyester core & sleeve with enhanced fiber coating

Double Esterlon is a double-braided rope constructed of premium over finish polyester fiber in both the sleeve and core. This product is identified by two green strands braided into the cover structure and is available with optional Maxijacket urethane coating to further enhance the rope’s wear resistance.

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12-strand 2-ply single braid, solution-dyed polyester

Optimus is a single-braid 12-strand rope manufactured from a solution-dyed polyester and coated with our riggers-grade, abrasion-resistant coating to maximize protection. The vibrant polyester colorfast fibers are resistant to fading and provide lifelong visibility.

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Double braid, nylon core, polyester sleeve

Polydyne is a double-braided rope that utilizes a polyester sleeve over a nylon core. Despite the dissimilar stretch characteristics of these fibers, Yale engineers have produced constructions where both fibers contribute.

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Portland Braid

Double braid, polyester core and sleeve

Portland Braid double-braided polyester offers high value at a very competitive price. Built in the same manner as our Double Esterlon, Portland Braid offers consistent performance at an economical price.

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12-strand 2-ply single braid, enhanced polyester yarn coating

Yalex is a single-braid 12-strand rope constructed of premium over finish polyester fiber. Yalex’s two-end-per-carrier structure creates a larger void in the middle of the rope, which makes it easier to splice and makes used-rope splicing much easier to perform.

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Dead Eye Slings

Double Esterlon or Polydyne, Maxijacket coat

Manufactured with Maxijacket-coated Double Esterlon or Polydyne, each unit has a chafe sleeve-covered small or large eye. Dead Eye slings, as with rigging lines, are color coded for easy identification in the field.

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Sling, Dyneema® SK78 core, UHMWPE from DSM protective materials sleeve

LOUPS are the most efficient synthetic slings available and far lighter than steel or conventional round slings. LOUPS bend gracefully. If you look inside a LOUP, you will find just one continuous looped piece of rope (Figure 1), which has been end-for- end spliced to itself.

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Yalex Adjustable Slings


Easily replaces a variety of different slings, accommodating different-sized loads. Infinitely adjustable.

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Bee-Line Prussic

Double braid, Vectran core, Technora® and polyester braided cover

Bee-Line Prussic offers high heat resistance provided by its Vectran core and a 75% / 25 % Technora / Polyester braided cover. Bee Line has one of the highest heat-resistant covers available in the market.

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Guardian Brace

100% Polyester hollow flat braid

Guardian Brace is an excellent fiber alternative to steel cable. It is easy to splice and easy to adjust in the field. Guardian dramatically reduces your installation costs because there is no hardware required. It is also much lighter and easier to work with.

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Long Shot Throw Line

UHMWPE core, Maxijacket coat

Long Shot throw line is a Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber that has been Maxijacket coated for toughness and anti-snagging commonly found in other throw lines.

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Maxi-Flip Lines

Wire Core, Maxijacket coat

Maxi-Flip wire core flip lines have Free Flex end terminations to minimize the in-use wire rope axial fatigue. This provides the climber with the safest possible end termination.

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Ultrex Chook


The Ultrex winch line featuring the Chook is the leading solution for your chipper winch needs. We created the Chook to succeed the traditional steel hook that is generally used with chipper winch lines.

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