Yale produces rope tools for a variety of industrial and other uses.

Utility Catch Off

Double Braid 24 strand sleeve made from Technora and blue polyester. 100% Vectran Core


Technora® Aramid


Technora® Aramid

Synthetic Shackle

Ultrex HMPE

Bee Line Prussic

Double braid, Vectran core, Technora® and polyester braided cover

Maxi-Flip Lines

Wire Core, Maxijacket coat

Ultrex Chook

Ultrex Winch Line

Tandem Stopper Assembly

Catch off grip for Unitrex stringing lines

​TechEye and TechJoin

Technora® braid in a sleeved construction

Long Shot Throw Line

HMPE core, Maxijacket coat

Guardian Brace

100% Polyester hollow flat braid

Split Tails

XTC 16