Yale Cordage synthetic rope slings are fit for general-purpose work, and can also be highly customizable to accommodate any-sized load or lift-point arrangement.

Dead Eye Slings

Double Esterlon or Polydyne, Maxijacket coat

Fortis²® Heavy-Lift Slings

8-part eye and eye sling made with Unitrex synthetic cable


Sling, Dyneema® SK78 core, HMPE from Avient sleeve

Optimus Double Adjustable Transformer Slings

Optimus Sling

Yalex Adjustable Slings

Yalex Sling

Yalex Endless Slings

Yalex Sling

Yalex Eye / Eye Slings

Yalex Sling

Yalex Four Leg Adjustable Sling

Yalex Sling