TechEye and TechJoin Installation Instructions

Pre-Assembled Hi-Modulus Synthetic Alternative to Eye Splices

1. Start by sliding the black cold shrink tube onto the rope you want to splice. Then cut the rope you are splicing at a 45° angle forming a point.

2. Thread the fid-tool onto the rope, and then untie and retie the twine onto the fid using the hole in its end.

3. By alternately pulling the twine and pushing the fid, thread the rope through the TechEye. Care should be taken not to snag a strand during this procedure.

4. Remove twine from the fid, and the fid from the rope, and set aside. Push the tip of the rope back until it is just inside the TechEye, pinch and milk back the excess slack in the TechEye toward its end. Now position the cold shrink so it's half over the rope and half over the TechEye.

5. Strip the spiral core out of the cold shrink. IMPORTANT-Back twist out as you remove the spiral by rotating it counter clockwise around the rope.

6. The Installed TechEye, complete with rating tag.

Note: A TechJoin is installed in a similar manner, but instead of installing one end, you will be working with two entering opposite ends of the TechJoin.