Yale Cordage Brings the Power Utilities Industry the First and Only Dielectric Rope Worldwide to Meet Newly Introduced ASTM International Standard and Achieve CE Certification

March 19, 2012 — Yale Cordage, a custom and specialty rope manufacturer, today announced its Hy-Dee Brait dielectric rope is the first and only rope on the market to meet the newly published ASTM 1701-12 standard for ropes with special dielectric properties. ASTM International develops and delivers international voluntary consensus standards used to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate market access and trade, and build consumer confidence. In addition, Hy-Dee Brait has also achieved certification under the European EN standard CE62192 “live working – insulated ropes”.

Hy-Dee Brait is an 8-strand bi-polymer rope that provides excellent grip and is treated with the company’s proprietary chemical mixture, Aralube-dielectric. The treatment is critical to the rope’s wet dielectric performance, which makes it the highest dielectric strength rope commercially available. Under the new ASTM F1701-12 standard, the rope must not exceed a maximum leakage of 250 micro-amperes at any time during wet testing performed at 50KV AC.

“The industry we’re serving with our Hy-Dee Brait product is one that has unique, critical safety concerns,” said William Putnam, vice president, Yale Cordage. “By ensuring our product adheres to the newly published ASTM standard, we know our dielectric rope delivers the strength, durability and safety profile that this market needs and demands. Our customers deserve the best and we believe the Hy-Dee Brait exemplifies that.”

In addition to its extraordinary dielectric properties, the Hy-Dee Brait is now easier to splice with a tucking procedure or by the quick splice method.

A video comparing generic yellow polypropylene to Yale’s Hy-Dee Brait can be found at: https://yalecordage.com/custom-and-specialty-ropes/hy-dee-brait