Yale Cordage Introduces New Arborist Rope – Scandere – at Tree Care Industry Expo

Nov. 10, 2016 — Specialty synthetic rope manufacturer Yale Cordage has added a new arborist rope to its growing line of products. The rope was engineered based on its loyal customers’ feedback and requests, and now features a name chosen by fans as well. Stephanie Melbourne submitted the product’s winning name, Scandere.

Yale officially launched the naming contest for the product Oct. 16 on its company Facebook page. Within two weeks, fans submitted more than 100 entries. The new name was unveiled today at the Tree Care Industry Expo in Baltimore, and soon after shared on Facebook with arborist fans across the world.

“We were pleased with the variety of creative entries we received from our arborist community,” said Sarah Burr, who leads arborist sales for the rope manufacturer. Ultimately, the team chose the Latin word scandere, meaning, “to climb.” The Latin-inspired naming is in keeping with other products in the Yale line. The company introduced the Fortis2 Sling in January of 2016. Fortis stems from the Latin for strong, powerful or firm. “We also liked that the word scandere has given us the English word ascend,” added Burr.

Scandere is a step above other arborist ropes in construction, offering superior visibility, abrasion resistance and longevity thanks to its solution-cast fiber and an extra-thick sleeve. The rope, designed primarily for SRT applications, features 48 strands of high-tenacity polyester braided over a core of steam-stabilized nylon. This new core construction promotes flexibility, prevents stiffness and maximizes energy absorption while allowing the rope to maintain its shape and firmness. At 11.7 millimeters, the rope is at once easy to handle and highly compatible with mechanical devices, including the Singing Tree Rope Wrench and Rope Runner.

In addition to bragging rights, contest winner Stephanie Melbourne will receive a 150-foot hank of the new rope, allowing her to be one of the first to try it out before it ships to distributors. She’ll also receive a Yale Cordage prize pack with shirts, stickers and other fun prizes. The rope will be available for purchase via Yale distributors in January 2017.