Yale Cordage Releases Series of New Instructional Splicing Videos

[May 25, 2021] Yale Cordage released a series of new instructional splicing videos to their website and YouTube channel. The videos cover a wide range of products, including industrial single and double braid products as well as climbing lines, and are intended to complement their existing Qualified Splicer Program.

“Our goal in creating and updating the instructional splicing videos is to offer content that improves consumer education and familiarity with our products while simultaneously providing a much-needed training resource. These videos will not only be beneficial to our end users, but to our value-add distributors and retailers” says Bill Putnam, President of Yale Cordage.

The Yale Qualified Splicer Program is offered by the company as a tool to ensure that riggers are performing their work correctly. Yale Qualified Splicers have completed an appropriate Yale Qualified Splicer Program Kit, and there are several kits available upon request.

The company plans to continue working towards completing new videos for other approved splicing methods. Written splicing instructions for those videos, yet to be released, will also be made available on the company’s website.

View instructional splicing videos here