Yale Cordage Supplies World-class Arborist Team for South African Expedition

Rope Manufacturer Designs Special South African-themed Product for Research Program

Aug. 15, 2013 — Yale Cordage, a custom and specialty rope manufacturer, today announced it is working with an elite group of arborists on a project intended to preserve ancient trees in South Africa. By special request, Yale developed a limited edition version of their highly popular Kernmaster rope, adorned with the colors of the South African flag, to commemorate the expedition. Arborists and climbers will be ascending old-growth trees that have never been climbed before in order to take measurements and protect the trees from the impacts of development in the area.

World-renowned arborist and professional climber Drew Bristow of Auckland, New Zealand, who uses Yale’s Kernmaster as his rope of choice, approached representatives at Yale Cordage to discuss engaging the rope manufacturer with the expedition. Yale’s response was to not only design the commemorative Kernmaster, but to donate the product in an effort to benefit the project. “To have Yale braid us Kernmaster in our own custom-designed colors showed a huge commitment to the arborist community as well as our team’s mission to explore the ancient trees of South Africa,” stated Bristow.

Kernmaster’s strength-to-weight ratio, coupled with superior flexibility and ease of handling, makes it a particularly good rope for use within the arborist community. Another benefit of Kernmaster is its combination of specially designed properties. According to Bristow, “The rope acts static when you need it during climbing, but also has the potential to absorb small shock loads should a slip occur.”

The arborist and climber group, Explore: The Ancient Trees of Africa, is working with the South African government on this current research project. Future expeditions include ascending giant trees to catalog species of birds that may be endangered by overdevelopment and forestry. Discussing the specially designed South African Kernmaster, Yale Cordage President Bill Putnam stated, “It is really an honor to work with such an accomplished group of professionals who are working to help us better understand the environment around us. We’re also pleased that more and more arborists are turning to Kernmaster to effectively practice their trade.”