Now One of the Largest Test Beds in the Eastern US

Yale Cordage has recently acquired a Sahm Splice test bed, with the capacity for destructive and non-destructive testing of synthetic rope, wire rope, shackles, chain, and slings up to 1,300,000 pounds (600T) in tensile. It also has a low-range capacity of up to 250,000 pounds (125T).

With a maximum test sample length of 116 feet with a 15 foot stroke, it is one of the largest and most capable test beds in the eastern United States.

What does this mean for the heavy lift industry?

For our heavy lift customers worldwide, this means a dramatic reduction in delivery times for our Fortis²® Heavy Lift Slings and Loups. We will continue to produce Loups and Fortis² Slings to order, but will also begin stocking commonly used lengths and capacities.

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