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RELEASE DATE: September 19, 2023


Seattle, Washington – PelaStar, a leading floating wind foundation company, is pleased to announce a new collaboration to enhance local content development in the State of Maine. The collaboration includes technology partners FibreMax, manufacturers of the number one mooring tendon technology for TLPs, Avient, manufacturers of Dyneema® fibers, and the rope manufacturer Yale Cordage, based in Saco, Maine. This collaboration signifies the opportunity for PelaStar, FibreMax, Avient, and Yale Cordage to work together in support of local content development, aiming to drive economic growth and facilitating the energy transition within the State of Maine. The PelaStar TLP utilizes FibreMax mooring tendons made with Dyneema® DM20 fiber to help improve platform performance, simplify installation processes, and ensure sufficient capacity in the supply chain. After years of research and design collaboration, PelaStar and its partners are progressing an industrialization strategy that can benefit local communities, enable cost effective regional tendon supply, minimize emissions, and reduce project risks by removing long shipping routes. By leveraging each other’s expertise, technologies, resources, and networks, the companies aim to make significant contributions to the local economy, create job opportunities, and enhance the competitiveness of the floating wind industry in the Gulf of Maine. The companies are eager to embark on this journey of collaboration and look forward to unlocking the full potential of the floating offshore wind opportunities in the State of Maine. About PelaStar: Based in Seattle, Washington, PelaStar is focused on the design, commercialization, and deployment of the PelaStar tension leg platform ( PelaStar’s five-arm, central column design provides wind farm developers the most robust, reliable, accessible, and stable platform for wind turbines in deep water. PelaStar is owned by Glosten, a full-service naval architecture and marine engineering consultancy with over 65 years of experience solving a wide range of marine and offshore engineering challenges. About FibreMax: Established in 2009, FibreMax ( proudly stands as the creator of the World’s Strongest Cable, engineered through our exceptional, patented, and certified endless winding technique. We wind the tendon using parallel untwisted fibers, with integrated end terminations, and precise length manufacturing. Every cable is custom-designed to achieve the desired stiffness and MBL (Minimum Breaking Load). Our production process is highly automated and scalable, facilitating seamless local content. FibreMax – the foremost choice for Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs) About Avient: Avient Corporation provides specialized and sustainable material solutions that transform customer challenges into opportunities, bringing new products to life for a better world.

Examples include:

  • Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, enables unmatched levels of performance and protection for end-use applications, including platform and vessel mooring lines, marine and sustainable infrastructure and outdoor sports
  • Unique technologies that improve the recyclability of products and enable recycled content to be incorporated, thus advancing a more circular economy
  • Light-weighting solutions that replace heavier traditional materials like metal, glass and wood, which can improve fuel efficiency in all modes of transportation and reduce carbon footprint
  • Sustainable infrastructure solutions that increase energy efficiency, renewable energy, natural resource conservation and fiber optic / 5G network accessibility

Avient is certified ACC Responsible Care®, a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste and certified Great Place to Work®. For more information, visit or

About Yale Cordage: Founded in 1950, Yale Cordage is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance synthetic rope and rope systems for critical, high cost-of-failure applications. Based in Saco, Maine, Yale Cordage has an additional manufacturing facility in North Carolina. Yale produces a wide range of specialty ropes for key industries such as: heavy lift, specialty industrial, utility, arborist, life safety, and oceanographic/marine. We utilize proprietary equipment and engineering ingenuity to design and manufacture synthetic rope and rope systems for our premier distributors and resellers located across all 50 states and multiple international markets.