Yale Cordage is the #1 rope in Utility for a reason – our design, value and performance are second to none in this space.

Maxibraid Plus

Double braid, HMPE core from DSM protective materials, polyester sleeve


12-strand single braid, high performance polyester

Pilot Line

12-strand single braid, polyester

PolyPlus Braid

12-strand single braid, polyester/polyolefin blend

Sierra 78

12-strand single braid, bio-based SK78 Dyneema® fiber

​TechEye and TechJoin

Technora® braid in a sleeved construction


12-strand single braid, HMPE from DSM protective materials


Parallel core synthetic cable, polyester core & sleeve


Parallel core synthetic cable, HMPE from DSM core, neoprene tape, polyester sleeve

Utility Catch Off

Double Braid 24 strand sleeve made from Technora and blue polyester. 100% Vectran Core

Yellow Jacket 12

12-strand single braid, bio-based HMPE SK75 Dyneema fiber