Oceanographic applications

Aracom Miniline

Double braid, Technora® Aramid core, polyester sleeve

Fuzz Fairing

Combinations of high-performance fairings specifically for the ocean environment

Maxijacket High Performance (HP)

Coating that is harder, penetrates better, and is twice as abrasion resistant as our traditional Maxijacket coating

Oceanographer’s Brait

8-strand plaited, nylon

River Max

Double braid, HMPE core and jacket from DSM protective materials

Shark Byte 12

12-strand single braid, copolymer olefins/Vectran LCP blend

Shark Byte 8

8-strand plaited, copolymer olefins/polyester blend


Parallel core synthetic cable, HMPE from DSM core, neoprene tape, polyester sleeve

Unitrex XS-8

8-strand plaited construction of Unitrex synthetic cable


12-strand single braid, Vectran LCP

Yale Maxijacket

Coating firms the rope, increases snag resistance, and improves abrasion resistance


Technora® Aramid