Used for industrial applications

Aracom 100

12-strand single braid, Technora® Aramid

Aracom T

Double braid, Technora® Aramid core, polyester sleeve


Double braid, Vectran LCP core, polyester sleeve

Dead Eye Slings

Double Esterlon or Polydyne, Maxijacket coat

Double Esterlon

Double braid, polyester core & sleeve with enhanced fiber coating

Double Esterlon Endless Slings

Double Esterlon

Double Esterlon Eye/Eye Slings

Double Esterlon

Fortis²® Heavy-Lift Slings

8-part eye and eye sling made with Unitrex synthetic cable

Guardian Brace

100% Polyester hollow flat braid

Larger HMPE Brait

8-strand plaited, HMPE

Larger Nylon Brait

8-strand plaited, nylon

Larger Polyester Brait

8-strand plaited, polyester


Sling, Dyneema® SK78 core, HMPE from DSM protective materials sleeve

​Lugger Line

12-strand single braid, copolymer olefins


12-strand single braid, HMPE from DSM protective materials

Maxibraid Plus

Double braid, HMPE core from DSM protective materials, polyester sleeve

Maxijacket High Performance (HP)

Coating that is harder, penetrates better, and is twice as abrasion resistant as our traditional Maxijacket coating

Nylon Brait

8-strand plaited, nylon


12-strand 2-ply single braid, solution-dyed polyester

Optimus Double Adjustable Transformer Slings

Optimus Sling


12-strand single braid, high performance polyester


Double braid, nylon core, polyester sleeve

PolyPlus Adjustable Slings


PolyPlus Braid

12-strand single braid, polyester/polyolefin blend

Portland Braid

Double braid, polyester core and sleeve

River Max

Double braid, HMPE core and jacket from DSM protective materials

Sierra 78

12-strand single braid, bio-based SK78 Dyneema® fiber

Synthetic Shackle

Ultrex HMPE

Tandem Stopper Assembly

Catch off grip for Unitrex stringing lines


Double braid, Technora® Aramid core, Technora® sleeve

​TechEye and TechJoin

Technora® braid in a sleeved construction

Ultrex Plus

Double braid, Dyneema® SK78 core and polyester jacket


Parallel core synthetic cable, polyester core & sleeve


Parallel core synthetic cable, HMPE from DSM core, neoprene tape, polyester sleeve

Unitrex XS-8

8-strand plaited construction of Unitrex synthetic cable

Vectrus Adjustable Slings


Vectrus Endless Slings


Vectrus Eye/Eye Slings


Yale Coat / Cordura Chafe

Braided-polyester inner-lining material and outer heavy-duty layer of abrasion-resistant urethane

Yale Maxijacket

Coating firms the rope, increases snag resistance, and improves abrasion resistance


Technora® Aramid


12-strand 2-ply single braid, enhanced polyester yarn coating

Yalex Adjustable Slings

Yalex Sling

Yalex Endless Slings

Yalex Sling

Yalex Eye / Eye Slings

Yalex Sling


Double braid, nylon core and sleeve

Yellow Jacket 12

12-strand single braid, bio-based HMPE SK75 Dyneema fiber


Technora® Aramid